15 Trendy Japanese curtain designs ideas for windows 2014

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I provided one of album which named Top catalog of classic curtains, models and colors , This curtain album have many fashion curtain designs ideas and also like Japanese curtains .

Japanese curtains - very fashionable trend in the design of the windows. As with any fashion in interior design, it should be taken with caution. So for you today - a review of interiors, which are suitable Japanese curtains.
Japanese curtains - is a strip of cloth, stretched on the top and bottom rails. In Japanese there are no folds of curtains - in fact it screens of tissue covering the window from top to bottom.

trendy Japanese curtain red and black for interior door
Japanese curtains look very carefully, smoothly, and if, as in the photo on the right, picked up in a variety of colors, it's good "slim" box. They usually come in the lungs, unobtrusive colors and so well with modern designs.

classic Japanese curtain design ideas 2014
modern Japanese curtain in purple for interior door
fashionable Japanese curtain for living room
Curtains - this is a very important element of the interior , they make the final touch to the design of the room, creating an atmosphere and give a feeling of warmth and coziness. Unsuitable decorations for windows spoil the rest of the design. Those who keeps up with the times in all, you should pay attention to the very trendy and modern phenomenon -Japanese curtains , which combines the simplicity and elegance. Popularity Japanese curtains They are a design consisting of a translucent fabric panels that are mounted on a special ledge. The panels move the cursor in a cascade on the ledge, reminding sliding door wardrobes. Initially, these structures were not used for the windows. At home, Japanese curtains, in the Land of the Rising Sun, a long time did not have doors, and instead used sliding panels of different fabrics. That was enough for economically poor people, and to know could afford very expensive materials and unique designs. 

fashionable Japanese curtain for dining room
modern Japanese curtains designs 2014
trendy Japanese curtain red for interior windows
trendy Japanese curtains styles for bedroom
You can use this idea and now for interior doors in homes, offices and restaurants. Polarity Japanese curtains in Russia and Europe due to the fact that they combine several advantages. First, they are very practical: easy to use, besides collect less dust than the classical drapery. Secondly, this is something new, unusual, but still falls within the fashion trends: combine the simplicity and sophisticated style. Thirdly, such constructions can be varied experiment. possible to use plates of different sizes, respectively, in their structures can be a different number. Cornice can reach 6 meters Maximum number of panels - 9, the width of one panel - from 50 to 100 cm Choose your option to the basis of the overall design of the room, as well as paying attention to the material from which made ​​the curtains. A material that can be any. For thin transparent tissue is better to choose wide panel, and for dense - narrow. In one model, you can combine several textures. Another advantage of Japanese designs is that they provide a much wider field for experimentation with coloring than ordinary curtains. The panels may be either the same color or different. Popular floral motifs and other patterns, often used Japanese national flavor. Very true alternate-colored panels with panels with different patterns - is both stylish and discreet.

stripe Japanese curtain modern design 2014
modern Japanese curtain design for dining room interior
fashion Japanese curtain colors for living room 2014
trendy Japanese curtain red and white for doors